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Auto Engine Repair

Mullins Auto Care - Volvo Specialist is an established auto repair shop that has provided incredible service for many years. Our specialty is in the area of engine remanufacturing. Many vehicle owners are becoming aware of this process. If your vehicle is in good shape but your engine isn't, repairing or replacing the engine is the best solution.

It doesn't matter how old or worn out your engine is. You can fix a poorly running, oil gulping-engine. If the problem requires repair which exceed the cost of the engine, you might need to consider a carefully remanufactured engine that will deliver outstanding performance. Remanufactured engines are a cost-effective alternative than purchasing a brand new one! With our local communities trying to go green, remanufactured engines save on resources and energy to give you excellent driving capability while preserving the environment. Furthermore, if you are looking for quality oil change service, tune ups or brake inspections, we can ensure your vehicle is running smoothly.

For more information about our auto engine repair, pricing, and inspections, please contact the certified mechanics from Mullins Auto Care - Volvo Specialist in Haymarket, VA.