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Car Maintenance & Auto Tune Up

Typical car problems happen with the degradation of parts over time, causing your car to be out of commission when you least expect it. When the engine light comes up on your dashboard, don't let it pass you by. Let Mullins Auto Care - Volvo Specialist’s automotive maintenance service take care of the problem ASAP. We are your safety inspection station.

No problem is too big for Mullins Auto Care - Volvo Specialist, whether you are in need of a battery replacement or an auto tune up, we are here to accommodate. We even provide oil change service so that you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Let us make maintaining your car an easier process. We provide assistance for brake repair and replacement to ensure driving safety. Replacing your brakes should be done every so often for if left unrepaired, they can worsen over time. This can put you and your passengers at risk of serious accidents and can even result in more expensive repair costs. We will also put your car through an auto inspection to make sure it's ready to go back out onto the road. Our services are not limited to certain car brands, for we cater to vehicles of all types. If you need domestic or foreign auto repair we can assist you, no problem!

Our first rate auto care makes sure every detail is covered when we diagnose any car problems. Don't ignore an auto issue, contact Mullins Auto Care - Volvo Specialist in Haymarket, VA today before spending more money than you have to on your car.